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    March 12, 2010, 05:22:00 AM
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    Topic: air yeezy  (Read 218 times)
    « on: February 22, 2010, 09:20:59 PM »
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    Love Shou Ganmian get married, they kind of like all couples lived a life of eating ordinary men and women. He likes to eat noodles, do not like to eat noodles, only eat Shougan Mian. Today's girl, even in the north, and there was little will do the Shougan Mian. Even her before marriage will only do Qingtangguamian. After they married, in his influence and his mother set-up, she actually could have single-handedly rolling surface of the well. Her christian Yves Saint Laurent face drew much her mother really did pass, rolling out noodles smooth flexibility, cut very thin, down to the pot with boiling spray round and round, sung to the translucent crystal bowl and eat his mouth arrhizus Smoothness, silk wire easy to read. He ate her hand to do face, looking at the Ken Shou Ganmian for him a woman, happiness was a mess. Days of dense, such as leaves, she made the noodles come in tandem with the changes in a new guise: mushroom chicken noodles, vegetables and egg noodles, mustard pork noodles, cold noodles, Re gan mian, miscellaneous sauce noodles ... ... ordinary noodles After her supra shoes hand, there is a wide variety of tastes. Every time after dinner, he was always holding the hand of her slender, painfully, said: "Look, roll surface roughness of the handle has changed!" She said with a smile: "If someday I have been laid off, on the Kai Fanguan sell Shou Ganmian go! "is also five years time, he became by an ordinary company's chiefs of staff, working more and more busy, more and more entertaining, often for several days did not come home for dinner. Five years time, a beautiful young woman she becomes an ordinary housewife. Like the story of those cliches, like a marriage of passion are gone, new love will be there in a timely manner. Girl is his company's subsidiary, young, fresh and full of vitality. And really enjoy life. She took him to the former never dared to go, crazy fun, and constantly fresh stimulus to make him a lot younger, he thought he lived for so many years, but now I realize the real taste of life. Their Michael Air Jordans divorce was not quarrel there is no struggle there is no tears, very quietly away from. Out of Civil Affairs to break up, she suddenly said to him: "Your stomach is not good, not to old to eat seafood, noodles should be soft, too hard to digest bad." His heart an acid. Barely smiled, and turned to leave. From then on, and looks Sishou new love life fresh and beautiful. New love, everything is good, but never refused to cook to cook for him. On one occasion he referred to his Air Jordans favorite Shou Ganmian time, girls holding their soft white hands like a baby: "my hands, but also may face rolling it?" Disdain then smiled: "Now who still hand - roll surface, ah, want to eat, called takeaway bar! "he had often to go out to eat. His stomach was a mess of food are becoming more and more filled with uncomfortable, then more and more I Air Jordan shoes begin to miss it Yutie for Shou Ganmian the. One day, a friend introduced a newly-opened Shougan Mian noodle shop, he went to follow the address, open the menus, mushrooms chicken noodles, vegetables and egg noodles, mustard pork noodles, cold noodles, Re gan mian, miscellaneous sauce noodles, each kinds of surfaces are his favorite, he Hen Buneng one point finished, look for a long time not been good to meet the pet before the stomach. He points the previous favorite mushroom chicken noodles, not kung fu, noodles on the up, and thin noodles white crystal, the above is cut too thin mushroom silk, Lv Yingying the parsley and chopped green onion, are air yeezy inundated with a layer of red red pepper oil, the smell comes a delicious chicken soup. He looked at that bowl, the whole person who stared. Almost simultaneously, he saw standing at the counter of her sweet Qiaoxiao. "christian louboutins pumps Try to see if the taste of how?" She greeted him with a smile. He smiled awkwardly, buried noodles. That bowl and eat his sour-spicy Ma again. 'll Never forget. He finally understood: the love of being let down, the original was actually so painful the first time.
    by joy1709,on 2010-2-23.
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